11-’15 Day 30 The End (of November)

The last day of NaBloPoMo. I made it! One whole month of daily posts. I nearly didn’t make it. Nearly gave up for the last three days. But no. Two posts yesterday for the one day missed and this one. The last one in November.

I haven’t looked at my editorial calendar all week *insert blush*. I don’t have anything overly funny, witty, or party like to share here at the finish line. I wish I could have shared more creative writing with you instead of “oh crap I’m not ready so my daily post is this telling you so”. There were too many of those for my liking. 

I’m also here to say goodbye to daily posts, for the time being. I can’t quite keep up. But I will be looking at making an editorial calendar for more regular posts. And then there’s Christmas to think about …

(Maybe I do have a funny.) 

(Two male employees walking through a remodeling construction site.)

“Did you know that all of these doors are going to be purple?”

“No! Oh wow.”

“And cardboard too.”

“Ha ha ha cardboard doors!”

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Here is a piece I’ve thought about writing for a little while and just started. It is still in progress obviously.


Raquel Oraday stood staring at the star studded sky above her. The cool night air caressed her cheeks and gently tugged at her unbound hair. It was still damp from the wash this afternoon and she hadn’t been able to get out all the snarls from its unruly waves. She was at the top of her tower, her place of ultimate peace and solitude. Continue reading

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11-’15  Day 28 Missed and Cookies 

So I missed a day. But so close to the end. But I have a good reason. We had my two nieces, 2.75 and 6.5 years old, for a couple days and I had to compile our church newsletter.

The 6 year old convinced her grandma to make sugar cookies and I took pictures.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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11-’15 Day 27 Wet Paint

Printable Wet Paint Black Text Sign “Wet paint” The hand written note announced blandly in wiggling pen strokes. “Crap” Jody thought looking down the narrow hall and then down at her black dress pants and shirt. She had a presentation upstairs in 10 minutes and she needed to pee.

She had planned to pass the restroom on this, slightly longer, route to the presentation room, but she hadn’t counted on this hallway being an obstacle. She didn’t have time to back track to the other staircase, maneuver the upstairs hallways where she could be stopped by anyone or the phone, and come down the stairs by the bathrooms. And she couldn’t hold it till after the meeting either.

She resolved: forward. Jody put her bag of presentation materials in front of her and mentally squished her body. Making sure that none of her clothes fluttered out she started precariously down the hallway. They were remodeling this section of the downstairs office space in preparation for an expansion in products and employees. If her presentation went well there would be a nearly 50% increase in sales from this single client.

Jody turned the last corner to the bathrooms and nearly swore aloud. There in front of the women’s bathroom was a man in white overalls just putting the finishing touches on his painting job of the bathroom doors.


I feel a little bad leaving her there without resolution. This was inspired by some real work being done on the building I work in.

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11-’15 Day 26

Thanksgiving has been a success!

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11-’15 Day 25 Inspiration and Motivation 

Inspiration has abandoned me. And motivation. I do tend to lean heavily on those two to get things written. I have a small list of topics that I “could” write about, that I planned to write about, was even excited to write about at first.

But instead, my mind is filled with stories. Not my stories though. Stories by others. Tv shows, Audiobooks, books I’ve read, even life seems to have gripping tales that I can’t get my mind off.

So it is another day without creative writing. 😦

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11-’15 Day 24 On the Same Day

On Nov. 21 there was a small blizzard and then a most beautiful sunset evening!

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11-’15 Day 23- Stargazing (unfinished)

Once again the daytime slipped away from me and I’m not ready for what I planned to post. Here is an unfinished piece I wrote earlier this year. It’s about a little girl and her father going stargazing on top a hill. She was going to be in awe of the beautiful sky and falling star metior storm and then falls asleep.


“Hurry, papa, HURRY!” Cynthia whispered in the dark, urging him on with a flurry of her hand he couldn’t really see. She bounded to the crest of the little hill, leaping and twirling all the way. Frank trudged after his daughter, loaded down with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, a tarp, and a few snacks his wife had snuck in somewhere. The only reason he knew about them was the cracker sounding crunch when he leaned back into the car for the last blanket.

He realized now, watching Cynthia do a little impatient dance, that it was ok she was wearing the pink sparkly tutu, for the moonlight reflected off the sequins and he could see her through the deep blue night.

“Here, papa,” she announced in a horse whisper. Frank dutifully dropped the tarp by her feet and began to kick it open, knowing if he set any of the blankets on the ground they would get soaked by the dewy grass.

“SHHH, papa!!” Cynthia hissed, her back to him, eyes fixed on the starry sky above. The plastic tarp crackled with every movement.

Finally, after much crackling and hushing, the tarp was laid out.


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11-’15 Day 22- Week Three

We’re on the last leg of #NaBloPoMo!

I’m a little surprised that I’ve made it this far. It so easy for life to get in the way of writing. I also have mixed emotions about how this week went.

Some days I felt that I was posting for postings sake, some I felt that I wasn’t posting anything (I scheduled a couple posts more than two days in advance), and lastly I felt the “high” of successfully posting my two longer stories. I had a couple things I had planned (more than three days in advance) to write but when it came time to solidifying the words for you to read, my forward drive to write them was lost.

On that point, I have gotten to (loosely) analyze my inspiration-to-writing-flow ratio. It took me about three days of on and off writing to get about 500 words and then I got stuck (writers block). Three days later I was inspired and wrote the last 400 words within an hour. Hmm

Well I’ll sign off for now. This week is thanksgiving!

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11-’15 Day 21 Lights in the Barn

A little girl runs across an open yard of green grass into the shade of an aging barn. The day is hot and she enjoys the cool damp smell of old cement and wood as she enters the big open front door. It’s dim inside despite sunshine outside. The windows are dark with cobwebs and years of gravel dust caused by traffic zooming by. The barn hasn’t housed animals since before her family bought the little homestead. Continue reading

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