Seize the Day 32 seconds long. This version by me, original by Melodysheep. (No copyright infringement intended)

This was recorded with an app called “Take” on my phone. It will open in a new tab. I was inspired a few weeks ago by a YouTube video I saw. It was a tribute to Robin Williams by an artist called Melodysheep. (See video below)

I hadn’t really used the app before so I wanted to test it out. I had listened to the song a dozen or so times and decided to sing what I would call the chorus from memory. It turned out better than I expected. So, after listening to my short recording twice, I decided to harmonize with it (I love to harmonize with songs but I do it by ear and not by reading notes). While I was listening to my two part harmony I started to sing a third harmony (previously I have recognized that I have trouble three part harmonizing with my self). So quickly I started to record a third time. This version is the result. One take per harmony. Only a little … Umm… reverb/echo thing which is part of the app to make the phone microphone sound better.

I am proud of it. I know it isn’t perfect but I like it. Maybe you will too.

P.S. I apologize for the excessive use of the words record and harmony.

Original Version

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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