Halloween Post (Yes, a day late)

I am not fond of Halloween. That does not mean I am un-fond of it though. I like the candy, but not the spooky. I like the cute and realistic costumes but not the scary/bloody/scanty costumes. At the moment I am not near enough to any of my friends to have a get together with them. And I can’t usually think of any good getup to wear. If I do think of something, I don’t have the means or determination (or the crafty-ness) to make it.

In my youth my mom helped me get good costumes. I remember being a scarecrow (matching with my sister and older cousin) and a Creative Memories (TM) book. But we live in rural Minnesota so we trick-or-treated on our rural neighbors (take off costume, jump in car, drive 5+ miles, jump out, put on costume, announce presents, grab candy, “thank you” (taking up all of 5 minutes total), run to car and take off costume, jump in and drive on, repeat. Also it was usually dark and cold.) I didn’t like knocking on strangers doors either.

When I was in college with my roomie, we would have a “stay in” Halloween. No dressing up. Just tacos, a movie, and our door locked from any inquisitive candy hunters. We also did this for valentines since we didn’t have boyfriends. But I digress. There was no roomie meeting this year due to both of us being busy. 😦

But my highlight of Halloween this year happened in the morning!

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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