Beware? Any Who Enter Here?

Daily Prompt

(November 3rd 2214. Mid-city pawn style shop)

Customer: How much for this plain looking black box?

Owner: Well, you see, that is actually part 2 of 2. That is what was called a “back up hard drive.” Here (rummaging under a counter, bringing up a flat silver rectangle) is the original “hard drive.” I was told that that (point to black box) is bigger than this (tap silver rectangle) and much of what is on this is on that but also different stuff is on both too. Anyway, they came from the early twenty-first century. Do you know much about that era?

C: Some. They invented the “computer” back then. There were many innovations at that time; they were the foundation of our common gesture and voice controlled technologies. What would we do without our vio-golf** courses?

Both: (Laughter)

O: They managed some how back then. But, back to this “hard drive.” It is from an original “HP personal laptop,” the “windows” kind.

C: Oh! It’s from the Mac-Windows debate period? (A light sparks in the eye) Before they mergered against Gorute***? I’m interested in that period! Do you have any idea what might be on these “hard drives?”

O: Well I’ve heard that there are some great works on here. All unpublished! Art, historic music, humorous designs, and glorious stories of fiction and history.

C: Wow! What a find! Why hasn’t anyone like the historians or anthropologists just gobbled this up?!?!

O: Well… (Sheepish smile and down cast eyes) the scientists who studied this particular item got it to run and could view its contents, but they couldn’t get the interface to run properly. And … They couldn’t figure out the, what was then called, “filing system.” Anywhere they could get to only showed strings of unintelligible letters and numbers. I have a feeling that they were looking in the wrong place.

C: Yes! If it was “windows” that sounds as if they were looking in the, let me see now, (slowly) the “operating system files.”

O: Hey you do know your stuff!

C: I’ve always been interested in twenty-first computers. They need a “mouse” to run the interface.

O: Oh. I don’t think I have one of those…

C: But I do! One of the great and wonderful “Logitech” design.

O: H-e-y! (Awed voice) I’ve only seen one of those in the museum.

C: Do you think… Ah never mind…

O: What? What!?

C: Well if I could make these “hard drives” work with my “Logitech mouse” …

O: The possibilities!! You know, for you I will sell this decently. Only 100 Unkwachlars (currency*) for them together.

C: That’s a good deal if I find anything of historical interest. I’ll take them!

*for your edification, I smashed the word “uno” (Spanish for one) “kwacha” (actual Zambian currency) and “dollars” (American currency)
**virtual voice controlled golf
*** made up computer company

Daily Prompt:  Buyers, Beware?

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I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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