Update – A Change in My Time

So, I have been away for about a week. Well not totally away, just not posting. I’ve tried to keep up reading post from those I follow, giving likes and comments, and getting (or finding) a photo or two for each daily theme for photo 101 (which I’ll be posting in a burst … tomorrow?).

The reason is that I got a job; a real full time job (yay for money, boo for less time). I’ve held various small, odd, and summer jobs over the past years, and this is different from all of those.

There is a lot of training, but some of my knowledge is making it easier to learn, and I’m already progressing fast (I’ve surprised my supervisor a couple times with how quickly I return with a finished task). It is detail oriented, and I like that.

It’s a small but successful business in my home town (not too far to drive) and the other staff have been gracious, accepting, and friendly toward me the new girl. Though the first day I met them, they may have thought I was a high end client.

I was all dressed up in black for my interview and afterwards the boss gave me a personal tour of the building. Everyone he introduced me to stood up from their desks while we were present. At first I thought it was for the boss, and I was impressed at how respectful everyone was of him. But on my first day the boss was going in and out of the office I was training in and there was no standing.

Anyway, I’m glad I can work there because my supervisor is really really busy trying to keep up with all the work (and now having to train me in) and I’ll be able to take on some of her work and hopefully everything will run more smoothly.

So in conclusion, I’m still getting used to my “new time table” which is a major adjustment of my work to play (writing time) ratio. (I started this blog when I only had a part time job). I’m still here and I still plan on posting posts (hehe) but I can’t guaranty when they will happen. You may not see me for a week or you may have your reader blown up by a bunch of posts (tomorrow?) that I finally get to writing and just can’t keep to myself.

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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