Photo 101 – Warmth

So I totally wanted to get a picture of like friends or family being together for a definition of warmth but that didn’t happen. Then I wanted a picture of a warm color (ie sunshine) but it’s was really cloudy here at the time. Then another inspiration hit. The literal definition; heat.

I got a new job and my office is quite chilly. I am by nature (or blood) and warm person. T-shirts are my yearlong wear (also bluejeans), just add a hoodie for a jacket (since I don’t stay out too long) and I’m good to go. But at work I have worn long sleeve sweaters everyday and am cool the whole day long! But the worst part is my hands. I can’t wear gloves while using a computer. So on my second day I made a discovery; my table lamp (quite small and at first useless because it glared off my screen) actually emits heat like a mini …well heat lamp. Thus I took a picture of my hand warming up. (P.S. No my office isn’t really that dark, I just adjusted the exposure to focus on the theme and keep my office private.)

P101 warmth

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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  1. If part of the theme was to teach us about the angle of the light, I think you got it. I think having the focal point facing the light is the objective whether it be sunlight, candle light ….or table lamp light. Next have the light to the side of your hand to create some drama. Then for the mystery theme, have the lamp behind your hand. 😉 (Just my opinion)

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