A Beautiful December Night

Its been unseasonably warm here, but that has caused it to be foggy for days.
Driving to work in the predawn grey, it feels like the clouds have come down to touch the houses, and the mist is hovering below, where we wade through it.
Driving home at night, with the last rays of light, it looks like each streetlamp has a divine halo, and you can’t see the far off tower lights that you have always taken for granted.
It’s been foggy for days.

The young woman stepped out on the porch, having followed her dashing dachshunds through the front door. She wore bluejeans and a hoodie, and carried her phone, gaily playing Christmas tunes, in her hand.

She looked out to the black sky above and saw the stars. She moved out to stand on the cement slab in front of the garage. There was a light but stiff breeze blowing; she stood with her back to it and it didn’t chill her. The dog ran about, chasing the tracks in the snow she herself had made earlier.

The young woman gazed up at the crystal clear sky starting to pick out her favorite constellations. A favorite song came on and she sang boldly, quite sure no one could hear her. She turned to the right a little and saw a star fall, blazing a trail about three inches long from where she stood.

She turned in circles, admiring the glorious starry sky, seeing two more falling stars, and singing through two more songs before the wind worked its way into her hoodie to chill her. She called to the dachshund and they went inside.

It was foggy the next day. And even worse the next.

It’s been foggy for days.

This is a true story about this last week. It’s been dreary and foggy all week, but Friday night (between the hours of 7-10) was perfectly clear. And later that night (after midnight) it was foggy again.

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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