Writing 101-1 – Off to a Bad Start

Well, the title relates to several things in my life right now, most noticeably  with my blogging. I started my blog late in 2014 to start sharing with the world my writing, which consists mostly of bits and pieces of stories. At that time I only had a part time job, thus plenty of time to ponder my writing. I was pretty consistent in my posting, but it was mostly new material, not quite what I had planned  for my blog.

But then I got a real, full time, job. My writing and posting dropped dramatically (surprise, surprise). I kept plugging away at it, posting sporadic until Christmas time, where, after the new year, I stopped posting and even writing. I promised myself I would start writing again as soon as I got use to my new busy schedule. But time never seems to slow down for me. When I catch a break, all I can think of is resting, which translates into sitting on my duffer doing nothing.

So I arrived a few days ago at the WordPress post for April writing 101 “Building a Blogging Habit”. I thought here! Here is a good way to force myself back into the habit of writing! Then I promptly miss the first “deadline”. So here it is. My first post of this class and of 2015. Here’s to keeping it up and doing better.

P.S. This was not a 20 minute free write (I hated even the 10 minute ones from the daily prompt). This was something I wanted to share, to explain, since early March.

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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3 Responses to Writing 101-1 – Off to a Bad Start

  1. AJ says:

    I can relate. Same busy schedule but am hoping this writing journey will inspire and motivate me. Look forward to seeing what else you write.


  2. baliinfoblog says:

    Life does have a habit of catching up with us, but I love taking a few minutes every day to write something, I find that very therapeutic in itself


  3. katejury says:

    I’ve been blogging about gardens and food for four years. My intention has always been to write weekly, but sometimes I go for months without writing a blog. My excuse to myself is always the same, I’m too busy. Which I am, but I notice that I have never missed a writing deadline when it is for a professional journal – e.g. a book review or article. So like you, have concluded I need habit and more motivation! It did three out of five of last week’s exercises, am quite pleased with that, but will try to do them all this week. Good luck to you too!

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