Writing 101-3 Free Write Songs

Here is a free write below. Largely unedited. My iPhone helps with spelling ;D. After reading the prompt I realized that I do a lot of read backing (the last sentence to drive my next one)  so I avoided it this time. But I did have to pause a couple of times.

You ask us to pick our three only favs songs then ask us to free write without pausing? Looking back or editing? Your just a tiny bit crazy!!

Well with songs recently I’ve been likeing brave by moria peters. It talks about asking God to make us me brave which I’m not. It also has a really good beat and bridge. Makes me feel.

Second right now is Danny gokey more than you think I am. It’s like God talking straight to me. Letting me know he is always with me even when I don’t think he’s there or expect him to be near. And there’s a really cool whistle part at the pick of the bridge! I kind of want to sing it for special music in church but I am too timid (thus song brave lol).

So many good songs I like. New ones. Old ones.

Third is probably now Matt maher amen. It’s a mash up of an only hymn and gathers because he lives with I grew up singing in church. And very poniont on a worship note with repeated of amen. And new breath of fresh air with old.

Also just thought of:
Mike Tomkins will be. Is in my grooooove!
Hawk Nelson drops in the ocean. About God’s forgiveness and grace

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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