11-’15 Day 3- Sally “Ruby” Schroeder

So this is an idea that stemmed from a prompt I found on a random site. It was to describe a person (per your imagination) by only their name. I plan on bringing you a new “person” weekly this November. 

Ruby, as she is known by family, friends, and neighbors of all three small towns she’s lived in, has soft brown hair. You would think it should be red, natural or dyed, by her nickname. It does in fact have a few red tints to it if you see her standing in the fall sunshine. And, while you might miss the glimpse of red tint, you will not miss seeing Ruby. She stands exactly at six foot one half inch tall.

That is exactly two and one half inches taller than her father and a whole foot taller than her mother. The real reason for Ruby’s nickname is because of how much red she wore in her youth. Her mother, Rosalyn, “simply adores” all things red. From Maroon to raspberry and from rouge to blush, every shade, tint, and close association of red can be found in their home and on their persons.

In fact, Ruby, now 26 years old, hates red. Her favorite color has always been purple. Now she has decided to become Sally again. It’s going to be hard since everyone in like a two hundred mile radius of Ohio knows her as Ruby. Her plan; go to Montana (with a detour through Texas) become a teacher and counselor.

About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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