11-’15 Day 10 Our Christmas List 

Well the day slipped away from me yesterday and what I planned to post isn’t finished. So here’s a little post about a resent diversion. 
I have started looking at things to put on my Christmas list. It may seem a little early to some people (it even feels a little early to me too). But, the really cool thing is that our family has an actual list. Well a website list. My sister built it (insert appropriate praise of her computer genius since I don’t actually understand how it works). 

It’s simple to use and helps us get exactly what the other person actually wants and to not double up on receiving items. We’ve decided just recently (i.e. The last few years) to have a designated sibling to get present for. And it’s a secret! Well, there are only five of us and we usually suspect who has whom by Christmas Day. 

So, to give you a mini tour; The site has a login so random strangers, trolls, or hackers don’t mark off gifts meant for only our family. Once logged in there is a list of our names on one side. There’s the list of things I’ve added and an add new gift button. Under the add a gift is are fields for a title, description, rating (for how much you want it), url link (easiest way to get EXACTLY What they want *can you say Amazon!*), and a who the gift is for (you can suggest gifts for other family members). 

Under the other names is; gifts they added (click on it for the link), gifts suggest for them, and gifts purchased for them (don’t buy those cus they’re already bought). One fun thing is to talk about someones gift listings with everyone else. We tend to put our family humor in what we write in the descriptions.  

Personally I’ve been looking at accessories for my new camera and books :). 


About AnnaMae Tollefson

I am a 22 year-old, rural Minnesota resident. I love music, singing, design, and writing.
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