As a Singer and Music Lover

Hehe singer. I’m not a performing artist by a long shot. I just like to sing.
And harmonize. Yeah.

I have had no formal vocal training, though I participated in college choir (the one I DIDNT have to audition for) and help lead worship at my church once a month with other youth (“harmonize at will and if you mess up no one cares”).

I never had any other music lessons either (like piano) so I can’t really read notes. But, I have sung my entire life, to the radio and then to my favorite tunes (on CD then iTunes).

Occasionally I record myself for my own review which is fun. But no one can be around me when I record. It makes me nervous.

Anyway, I don’t know how often I will post my own recordings, but I hope you enjoy them. I do think that I will sometimes share new and recently discovered by me music by
other artists.

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