As a Writer

I have always loved reading. And stories have filled my mind since the days of my youth make believing. I have lived and acted out my own stories in my mind, altering small parts to make each relived story new. (Side note this is also part of the definition for an introvert). I have been enthralled by audiobooks and have relived moments from many of the books I have read through my lifetime.

All this has led me to become interested in writing. I tend to write bits and pieces of stories and then get scared. Scared? you ask. Yes scared. I have had no formal creative writing training (not too big of a deal). I think it’s not good enough. No one will want to see what I have written. I only have one scene I want to write. Who wants to read a single scene and not know anything else about it? *Sigh* These are my fears.

But, I have decided to put those fears aside; to share with you my bits and pieces, my unedited versions. (Also my interests, inspirations, and humor.) I hope you like them. I hope you tell me what you think. You don’t have to it you don’t want to.

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