11-’15 Day 20 Chicken on the Road

City folk think I’m a farm girl. Farm folk think I’m a city girl. -Me

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11-’15 Day 19- November Sunrise

On Nov. 6th we had a gorgeous sunrise at about 7:30 AM. 🙂


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11-’15 Day 18- The Real Treasure

So this is a long one. A fairly long one. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  It also didn’t go or do quite what I expected. I think that’s ok though. Maybe. I could have stopped at about the middle and been happy but I experimented. Let me know what YOU think!

(all photos found on Google searches)

Nadia runs up the hill, her momentum taking her almost halfway up before the sandy soil causes her slide backwards. “No,” she cries, grabbing a hold of the nearest tree.

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11-’15 Day 17 

Photo as found on pinterest

I found this picture on Pinterest one day a long time ago and it sparked this little dialogue between a young woman and her father who she never knew. 

Why? Why did you make me travel all this way to find out who I am? Who you are? Why couldn’t you have just told me?

Because I know myself and you have a part of me in you. I wouldn’t have believed it without having seen it with my own eyes and nether would you have.

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11-’15 Day 16- Avee 01

This is our dog Avee (short for Avenue). She needed to be “re-homed” (as listed on Crags List) and my mom called and that’s how we got her. She had 3 total homes before we “bought” her and she was only about a year old. She associated car rides with new owners so rides aren’t very fun for her, even though we’ve had her for about 4 years now with a variety of rides.

As I mentioned before, I typically have trouble getting good photos of her since she’s black, but these turned out ok with my new camera.

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11-’15 Day 15- Week Two

Week two completed!

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11-’15 Day 14- Oops (Dr. Who)

So Saturday slipped away from me. (I watched too many Doctor Who episodes instead of writing). I’m working on two longer story posts though. I’ll say good night now.

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11-’15 Day 13- The Hamper 

To tell you this story I have to start before the beginning.

My grandparents bought a farm house when they got married. They remodeled it and lived there till a few years before their deaths. Now my parents live there.

Now the beginning. When I was little, my grandparents babysat me when my mom took my older siblings to do whatever they did. In the bathroom sat a whicker hamper with a marbled green plastic lid. When I was very little I remember kneeling on it to wash my hands with grandma’s help. Later I noticed that it was a good stand for a newspaper (comics page!) or magazines (home decor?). I never knew what it actually was used for, or what might be in it, since we didn’t use hampers at home.

There it sat, under the towel bar, a constant through all my years of growing up. Even when my grandparents moved in to town, it went with them to sit stoically in their guest bathroom. It stayed in the same apparent good condition. Only a few weaves came out over time. Finally, after they passed away, it was thrown away while cleaning out the townhouse.

Now this all may seem mundane and a very slow story. But the part I find most interesting happened a few years later. We, my family, were cleaning the farm house. We found some old snap shots; one of them was of my father. He was only a boy, maybe two or three years old. He sat, solemn faced, dressed in Sunday best… On the green wicker hamper in the bathroom.

This is a testament to how carefully my grandma took care of her home.

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11-’15 Day 12- October Clouds

On October 30th there were some very beautiful clouds and an irresistibly subtle sunset.

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11-’15 Day 11- Jørgen Kleppe

So this is an idea that stemmed from a prompt I found on a random site. It was to describe a person (per your imagination) by only their name.

Jørgen Kleppe is a very large Norwegian. Standing at 6’3″ he can be seen above the crowds. Continue reading

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