As an Adventurer

Hello there! I am an adventurer.

I have saved my country from the forces of evil, I have slithered unseen though the most dangerous of lairs, I have saved dozens of innocent people single-handedly. I have diffused bombs, been trapped in rubble, been the sharpest shooter, and withstood torture.

I have been a warrior princess, gone from rags to riches, been a slave, and been set free. I have escaped assassins and served those who were worthy and those who were not. I have sang, danced, and played music. I have saved princes and kings, whether they liked it or not. I have been wise … and foolish.

I have lost and regained my twin, my family. I have been forced away from those I love. I have been an only child, as well as the firstborn and the last born of huge families. I have helped those in need without expecting anything in return. I have lost my memories and my voice. I have been blind but seen more than anyone.

I have wielded the greatest of magic with ease; single-handedly defeated the evil sorcerer. I have ridden dragons and talked to horses, birds and monkeys. I have traveled from desolated lands to bring them aid. I have climbed over mountains and fallen into
the depths.

I have changed my form, and my super powers cannot be defied or defined. I have run through forests and swum in the sea. I have been lost and broken and rescued too. And best of all, I have loved deeply.

How, you ask, could I have done all this?

Why, not in one lifetime of course, but in hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes …
All lived in my mind.

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