11-’15 Day 18- The Real Treasure

So this is a long one. A fairly long one. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  It also didn’t go or do quite what I expected. I think that’s ok though. Maybe. I could have stopped at about the middle and been happy but I experimented. Let me know what YOU think!

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Nadia runs up the hill, her momentum taking her almost halfway up before the sandy soil causes her slide backwards. “No,” she cries, grabbing a hold of the nearest tree.

It’s a tiny sapling, fitting perfectly in her hand and bowing dangerously as if to rid itself of her weight. The hilt of her sword jabs her stomach painfully as she lays flat on the hillside. Some of the sandy soil makes its way into her redskin leather boots, even though they hug her calves perfectly.

Pulling herself to her knees she reaches forward to the next sapling, white sleeves now brown with sandy earth, and begins to ascend. “Grrr,” she growls. The going is infuriatingly slow.

“NADIA!!” The angry, gruff bass voice resounds through the little island’s wood. She pauses for just a moment to listen.


She scoffed. She would have a better chance at living like a princess if she got to the treasure before her father, The Dread Pirate Deadgut. Nadia continues upward as quickly as she dares, her feet beginning to itch.

Finally at the top, she pauses to catch her breath, but moves on down the other side quickly when her ears pick up the howling of the hunting hounds. She could just picture Valvy and Dorik holding on to the dog ropes and stumbling along, nearly falling on their faces.

She reaches the beach at the base of the hill and sets off at a quick trot toward the large group of gigantic boulders set about 50 feet above the high tide line. Nadia had never understood how those rocks could have gotten there, being the only large rocks on the island. But now she knew that the pirate Oliver Gurgard had placed them there to mark the resting place of his greatest treasure. At least that’s what the map had said before she burned it.

Deadgut had pillaged the map from a monastery on a lonely isle to the north of his usual haunts. It had been in a different language and he had yelled, shouted, and cursed to no avail. Nadia could read it though. She had had many different governesses and types lessons including various languages. It took only one hour to decipher the map and three more to have it completely memorized. And then she burned it so her father would never know. But he had walked in on her as the last flames of the parchment died away and she’d been running since.

File:Burning Paper.jpgShe was almost to the rocks when she heard the dogs barking, a shout, and the report of a rifle. They must have crested the hill! Breaking into a sprint, she veers left and then right to duck behind the closest boulder. The treasure, the map said, was in the center of the rock pile in a hollow at the bottom of the north stone when you face it. A thought, like mist, crosses her mind, how will I get away with the treasure with my father and his men so close behind me? She moves on into the maze like setting of stones. Captain Gurgard had said the treasure was magical and perhaps that would be her escape. She pressed on. She would have to climb up and over into the center.

Finding a place where she could climb easily, she scales the boulder. At the top there is only a few inches of flat stone before it veers steeply down, surely twice as far as she had just climbed. Her determination wavers. Shouts of “There she is,” “Get her,” and “Forward men,” ring out behind her again as nearly a dozen rifles fire. Two of the shots strike the rock to her left, much too close for comfort, and Nadia dives head first into the pit.

Only a few feet down her left arm, held forward to protect her head, collides with a rocky outcrop. It rips through her dirty sleeve to cut and bruise her whole forearm. Her legs, suddenly unable to follow the path of her arms, tip to the side and she twists like a juggling baton, stomach scraping roughly upon the sheer stone incline.

She lands hard on her left side unable to breathe for several moments. The packed sand at the bottom of this man made hole was as unforgiving as the stone all around. Her sword, in its sheath, was underneath her back and her ankle burned like fire. She sat up. There was a stain of maroon slowly growing from a gash in her red boots. It must have been grazed by a bullet. She suddenly felt very hopeless. There was no way she could escape.

Then she rallied. At least she would see the treasure before her father. Swiveling her head from left to right she quickly spotted the hollow just behind her. Pulling herself over and reaching deep into the crevice, she thinks briefly about poisonous snakes before her fingers brushed a wooden box.

Pulling it out she wonders what sort of great treasure could possibly fit in a fine cigar box. The noise of baying hounds and shouting men had grown much louder as they approached. Nadia slides her fingers all about the smooth box trying to find a catch or clasp. A breeze caresses her sweaty dirt covered cheek. Another noise joins the cacophony outside her stone haven, a wheezing whirring gasping high pitched thing. The box would not open and she closed her eyes in despair. There was a boom beside her like a cannon.__what_s_in_a_name___tenth_doctor_x_reader_by_fernkitty2-d5rmm4c.jpg (500×286)

“Hallo-hallo-hallo! What have we here?!!?” Cries a happy cultured tenor voice.

Nadia looks up to see a man’s head poking out of a blue door. It was a bluer blue than any she’d ever seen. Bluer than the ocean.

“Ooh! A feldspar fathomless-type orchard repository!! I love a good orchard repository. And the fathomless ones holds all sorts of wonderful wibbily wobbly …”

“Doctor!” Came the frustrated female voice behind him. “Have you already forgotten why we’re here?!!?”

“No!” He paused, sticking his hands in his pockets. “Well maybe… Oh alright yes I did forget. But Martha, it’s a fathomless-type…”

“Yes, I heard you the first time. YOU said we came for a girl who doesn’t belong here.”

“Spoil sport,” He pouted over his shoulder before turning back to Nadia. “Excuse me miss, but would you happen to know of anyone by the name of Nadia in the near vicinity? And what is that awful noise? It sounds like angry dogs and men.”

“Yes they’re coming to kill me. I’m Nadia.” She couldn’t believe her ears let alone her eyes.

“Oh good! And you have the orchard repository too. Well, come aboard.” The man called doctor stepped aside in the doorway just as a gunshot rang out.

“Hey now!!” He yelled suddenly enraged. “You’re going to put a hole in MY Tardis.”

He shook his fist at the man above as Nadia lunged for the open space beside his legs. The woman, just behind the doctor, bent and helped her all the way through the door.

“DOCTOR, GET US OUT OF HERE!!” The dark haired women screamed at him.

“Oh! Right!” The doctor slammed the door and ran to a large glowing pillar in the center of the sunset sand colored room.

Nadia lay back on the floor as the whole room began to shake and shudder. It was huge! Bigger than most of the boulders around the treasure and certainly four times bigger than the pit she’d been in. How did it fit?

“It’s bigger on the inside,” she managed to whisper before slipping into unconsciousness.

9th and 10th Doctors TARDIS


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